About G2R’s International Space Apps program

Gov 2.0 Radio is excited to be a communication partner for the OGP / NASA International Space Apps Challenge.  In the countdown to the event, we’ll be producing a series of interviews with organizers and experts from around the world, including:

  • Chats with city organizers to take a peek behind the scenes of the local Space Apps events being  planned in cities around the world
  • Deep dives with subject matter experts to unpack the ins and outs of the four Challenge themes
  • Special features about the event, and some of the highlights that participants can expect.

And don’t forget, we’ll be bringing you regular ’round the world’ updates throughout the course of the 2-day Challenge.

About the Space Apps Challenge

The International Space Apps Challenge is an international code-a-thon-style event that will take place over 48 hours in cities on all seven continents – and in space – on the weekend of 21-22 April, 2012. The event embraces collaborative problem solving with a goal of producing solutions to global challenges.  Investment in space technology has generated incredible amounts of data and resulted in the development of new technology that continues to improve life on Earth. The challenge before us is to leverage data and new technology to create practical applications that benefit humanity.

Join coders, engineers, data providers and designers to develop new solutions, and win the opportunity to present your ideas to people of influence.

To get involved you can:

  • Register as a team, or an individual, and help develop a solution
  • Set a challenge or provide access to data
  • Spread the word.

Visit for more information.

Feature interviews

Countdown to OGP and NASA’s global Space Apps Challenge

Talking with the White House’s Chris Vein and NASA’s Nicholas Skytland on the April Open Government Partnership meeting of nations ahead of NASA’s Space Apps Challenge in over 25 cities.The first global code-a-thon to also include the Space Station and Antarctica promises to show how a diversity of people and skills can collaborate to create scientific and social benefits from open data.


Open NASA With NASA’s Nicholas Skytland and Ali Llewellyn, we take a snapshot of NASA’s newly re-released Open Government Plan looking at why a revised Plan has been produced, the internal processes and ongoing value to the organization. As well as an overview of the key contents and underlying principles we look at take-up strategies as well as internal relevance to day-to-day operations.

A Plan for Openness: NASA’s Open Government Plan v2.0

Space Apps: an orbital perspective

Astronaut Ron Garan shares his experiences aboard the International Space Station – glimpses of relevant technology as well as some personal reflections.  With the Space Apps Challenge imminent, we explore Ron’s observations as an astronaut of some practical examples of linkages between space science (in the NASA context) and the “on-the-ground” Challenges being undertaken within the Space Apps event.

Space Apps: a polar perspective

Space Apps
The polar regions are Earth’s window to outer space. As part of our International Space Apps global coverage Gov 2.0 Radio drops in to the ice continent talking with Clay Ellis in Antarctica and Brian McLaughlin in Maryland, United States. Clay is McMurdo Ground Station operator with the NASA Space Communications Network Services (SCNS) project. Brian, formerly with Hubble and LandSat, is the Lead for Simulator Development with the Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) program. We discuss life under Antarctic conditions; McMurdo’s role as a fast-access data gateway for the world’s weather services and others; as well as how opening and sharing data creates new opportunities for scientists and citizens.