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Digital technology is currently one of the most significant forces for change sweeping all corners of the world including all levels of government. While not to be mistaken as the outcome, digital tech is an influential bridge for connecting people and a powerful enabler in the public sphere, from policy development to service delivery. In particular, digital tools and channels underpin new media and social networks, providing new ways for linking public leaders and citizens, as well as forging new ways of communities participating and collaborating in public innovation.

Digitale-GovState+provincialUnited States saves $61m through online service delivery

The State of Utah has been well regarded for a number of years for its portal at, and the University of Utah’s Center for Public Policy and Administration has recently completed a study to quantify the financial benefit of delivering these online government services. The results – based on just nine online services from over 1,200 available at – found a total of $61 million saved over five years.

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City+countyDigitalEuropeUnited Kingdom

Bringing content to people, not people to websites

Content comes first when it comes to delivering sustainable digital public services at Devon County Council. Carl Haggerty, Digital Communications Manager for the Council shares his insights on the importance of a digital content strategy, where his approach to designing services, not websites or platforms, is transforming the way the organisation interacts with its citizens.

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