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For many, the civic space is where we experience community – and the newer tools of connection make it possible for us to do community in ways that frame the ’new local’ for each of us.
The civic space is where a lot of innovation incubates and takes root, closest to the ground. Here you’ll find conversations with local leaders, public sector practitioners, innovators and change-makers about how they’re working to create more connected, liveable, digital cities and communities.
Examples of themes to be explored include:
• Smart connected cities
• Civic 2.0
• e-Democracy
• Public participation
• Civil society


Creating a Commons for Europe

Inspired by programs such as Code For America, the newly-formed Commons4Europe program is working with seven cities to bring together government administrations, digital innovators, volunteers and local businesses to develop and push a civic transformation program. Esteve Almirall and Carles Ferreiro from the Commons4EU consortium, based in Barcelona, Spain, explain the integrated approach they’re taking to innovation and development across a diverse range of civic cultures.

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Creating the Commons – building civic connections for innovation

Building a culture of collaboration and participation is a key ingredient to making innovative programs work in cities.

Mark Headd talks about his time with Code for America as their Head of Government Relations, and shares some of the emergent learnings from the intersection between the various elements of CfA’s program – the cities, the fellows, the brigade, the commons and now the start-ups.

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