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John been working with public sphere organisations and initiatives for over 20 years – government and public sector agencies, peak bodies and academia, or civil society organisations and change-agents. The work has ranged from big picture policy development and communication to program design and delivery, often with a special emphasis on public-purpose events and communication campaigns. His current focus is actively progressing thought leadership around connected government and public innovation.

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Where Government 2.0 meets Society 2.0

In times of austerity and change, social technologies and new forms of collaboration enable governments, industry and citizens to create new opportunities and solve problems. In this special 2-part interview with Zachary Tumin from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government’s Belfer Centre, we look at how all parts of society can collaborate to innovate.

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The connected citizen in 2012

How ready are citizens to be part of a more connected public space? Where is the UK heading in citizen participation? Ahead of CITIZEN2012 in London, conference organiser Jeffrey Peel – with guest speakers Andy Williamson of Future Digital and David Moody of Kana – discuss building the democratic commons, including tools and trends in next-generation government/citizen engagement.

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