GovCampus is a new type of public-purpose knowledge start-up.

The GovCampus social knowledge initiative is being built in alliance with successful programs like Gov 2.0 Radio and GovCamp together with over five years of journey by the Cofluence team and their public innovation networks.

Its thematic focus will be on:

  • Public sphere momentum
  • Public-purpose innovation
  • Public sector transformation

Shaping the collective journey

Most importantly, the most ambitious part of GovCampus is the aspect that everyone can also make happen: participation.

GovCampus is about mobilising and amplifying what we call ’social knowledge’… living, dynamic intelligence learned and shared through the collective experience of public sphere thought leaders and practitioners. It’s something we’re all part of whenever we meet up with others at events, share ideas online or write long-form papers.

GovCampus is about taking a more mindful, strategic and collaborative approach to such open, social knowledge sharing.

It will support policy-makers and public service practitioners in:

  • communicating their priorities and learnings in fresh, engaging ways
  • more easily contributing to as well as consuming collective knowledge
  • leveraging the ’public value’ of their work through accessing case studies of best practice as well as emergent practice

GovCampus programs will be exploring themes such as:

How can we exchange stories across jurisdictions and borders as well as the boundaries of language and culture; to discover new approaches and mine nuggets of relevant applicable experience?
How can we contribute to helping our peers in emerging economy communities where their systems, experience and resources may seem limited while free from legacy mindsets?
How can we collaborate with universities and other centres of learning and research to amplify their work more deeply and broadly into the world of practitioners?
How can we bridge the public sector with the wider public sphere to exchange narrative, appreciate mutual priorities and experience effective collaboration and co-innovation?
How can we understand the world of the digital technology gurus and geeks as well as the world of the strategic policy development, program design/ delivery and social problem solvers?

Weaving a new network of knowledge

In its formative phases, GovCampus is a partner initiative of GovCamp Australia with a network of advisors and public innovation practitioners.

If you like to join with us or know more, please contact us.