Government Technology Exhibition and Conference (GTEC) is widely regarded as Canada’s pre-eminent Gov-Tech Conference.  Thom Kearney and Richard Pietro talk to us about their experiences with the 2013 conference in October and, against that backdrop, discuss how the govtech landscape is shifting in Canada.

Thom-KearneyAbout Thom Kearney

Thom is a public sector strategist with Rowanwood Consulting.  He is the the founder of #govchat weekly twitter chat as well as GCPEDIA. He describes himeself as a “Digital strategy guy, helping executives get the most from technology and their organizations. Occasional storyteller. Facilitator of solutions. Information jungle guide.”



Richard-PietroAbout Richard Pietro

Richard is a former political candidate who has chosen to enter the world of civic engagement by joining the ranks of the Open Government and Open Data community.  After representing the Green Party during the 2006 Federal, 2007 Provincial, and 2008 Federal elections, Richard recognized that although elections may be the fundamental element of a Democracy, the opportunity to participate in your government is the Spirit of a Democracy.

This led him to become a founding member of CitizenBridge, a not-for-profit Democracy 2.0 platform that “allows the public to become active participants with their government, instead of being passive observers of their government.”

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