Most of the time, we talk about or experience collaboration in the context of a tangible project or an initiative, but how does it work when you are trying to progress an issue where there isn’t a known pathway?

Max Hardy talks about the differences between consultation and collaboration, and how “inviting people into your dilemma” can lead to more enduring solutions, and how complexity theory can help shift your perspective.

You come into this domain of complexity, which is where you only know what’s going to work after you’ve actually done it – you can’t predict it in advance.

About Max Hardy

Since joining Twyfords in 1997 Max helped establish the International Association for Public Participation Australasia. With a particular interest in Deliberative Democracy and Appreciative Inquiry, he has developed innovative models for community engagement covering a range of projects, including those with a social planning emphasis as well as infrastructure/natural resources management projects.

In 2005 Max played a major role in the preparation of the “Brisbane Declaration on Engaging Communities” which was presented to the United Nations.

In 2007 at a ceremony in Arizona, USA Max along with the ACT Disability Advisory Council was awarded the IAP2 (International) Award for “Project of the Year” for the design and implementation of the Challenge 2014 Project.

In 2009 Max co-facilitated Australia’s first Citizens’ Parliament at Old Parliament House, Canberra and in 2010 he co-designed and co-facilitated the Premier’s Growth Management Summit in Brisbane.

More recently Max has been involved in building capacity for partnership approaches in the challenging area of Primary Health Care in Queensland.

Max is also the co-author of the new book from Twyfords: The Power of Co – the Smart Leaders’ Guide to
Collaborative Governance.

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