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Digital public sector recordkeeping is one of the unsung cornerstones in the open government and open data discussion.

Dr Anne Thurston talks about past and current challenges of digital recordkeeping and preservation for government – particularly in developing countries.  She also highlights how the open government movement holds opportunities for the public sector recordkeeping profession.

About Dr Anne Thurston

Anne Thurston has pioneered international solutions for managing public sector records that can be shared with developing nations. Between 1970 and 1980 she lived in Kenya where she conducted research before joining the staff of the Kenya National Archives. In 1980 she became a lecturer, later a Reader in International Records Studies at the School of Library, Archive and Information Studies, University College London. She established the International Records Management Trust in 1989 and continues to be its Director. In 1996 she left University College London to concentrate fully on the work of the Trust. In the 1990s, recognising the impact of the rapid changes in the use of information technology on the management of public sector records, she structured the Trust to define means of addressing the impact of these changes.

Dr Thurston was a member of the UK Lord Chancellor’s Advisory Council on Public Records from 1994 to 2000. She was awarded an OBE for services to public administration in Africa in 2000 and a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Records Management Society of the UK in 2007. She was awarded the Emmett Leahy Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Information and Records Management Profession in 2007.

Dr Thurston is also a speaker at the ICEGOV 2012 conference – hear her sneak preview (5 mins) of the conference here.

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