When the Government of British Columbia in Canada released their Government 2.0 Strategy, it built on their social communication experience during two key ‘catalyst events’: the H1N1 virus pandemic and the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Kieran Harrop talks about his time with the Office of the CIO in the BC Government, and how events such as these, together with strong leadership and building a culture of trust among the civil service, creates cut-through and momentum around new ways of communicating.

I was talking to a friend of mine, and he said that Government 2.0 is like water – it will always find a way around obstacles, and no matter how many obstacles you put up, it will find the easiest way around it.

About Kieran Harrop

Kieran Harrop is a Partner and Executive Consultant at CGI and formerly the Director of Business Engagement and Strategic Initiatives at the Office of the CIO, Province of British Columbia. He is interested in how Open Government and Government 2.0 can increase transparency, public engagement and enable better, more efficient service outcomes for citizens, and intrigued by the power of technology to change our lives and create value for organizations.

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