As part of the Australian Government’s APS Innovation Week 2012, G2R takes a look behind GovJam, happening around the world in June 2012.  We meet with the Global Service Jam co-initiators who are co-creating the initiative with the Australian government and ProtoPartners in Sydney.  Adam Lawrence and Markus Hormeß from Work.Play.Experience based in Nuremberg, Germany, are the co-founders of Global Service Jam, the successful international service design and innovation event, which they’ve followed up with Global Sustainability Jam and now GovJam.

In a fun and inspiring chat, Markus and Adam talk about stages of service rapid prototyping, their plans for city-specific Jams and how this pilot inititaive will see small teams meet at multiple locations around the world, working for 48 hours on building innovative approaches and solutions towards challenges faced by the public sector.

“One of our basic work philosophies is the theatrical working rule of ‘doing, not talking’ – and this fit well with the idea of the Jam.”

About Adam Lawrence and Markus Hormeß

Adam and Markus

Adam and Markus run WorkPlayExperience, a German-based service design agency.  Markus is German with a background in theoretical physics and process design; Adam is British and has a background in psychology, marketing and theater.

Adam Lawrence is a professional comedian, business consultant and writer with a background in psychology and the automotive industry. For years he has been using expertise gained in the world of theatre and film to help companies influence their customers.

Markus Hormeß is a service designer and organisational consultant. For years, the qualified scientist has worked in the engineering, banking and IT fields, helping companies to improve complex services and to make them more customer friendly.

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