Tune in for a conversation with Gwynne Kostin from the U.S. General Services Administration about new innovations in m-gov and the programs being developed by the GSA to support agencies in delivering of government services using mobile devices.

The focus of the Mobile Program Management Office is to help Federal agencies to make government information and services available to the public any time, anywhere and on any device… it’s critical for government to try to figure out how to move into this [mobile] space and make government make more sense to where people are.

About Gwynne Kostin

Gwynne Kostin is Director, Mobile in the Office of Citizen Services & Innovative Technologies at the U.S. General Services Administration. She is working with federal agencies to clear a citizen-centric path for mobile access to government.

Gwynne previously was director of GSA’s Center for New Media and Citizen Engagement, where she worked to make it easier for government to engage with citizens and citizens to engage with government through the development of cross agency tools, policies and services. There she launched the government’s free, policy-compliant “build-a-blog” platform apps.gov NOW and the contest platform challenge.gov.

As Director of New Media for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, she drove the use of new technologies to solve business problems creating the department’s first social media strategy, developing a cross-agency web communications model for disaster response, and leading new media communications and strategy for the department’s 22 agencies.

Prior to joining public service, she spent ten years in new technologies, including founding a successful Internet start–up in an association and leading strategic Web communications in health care and education. She enjoys talking to interesting people and figuring out how things work.

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