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In a connected world it’s still easier to keep our most useful knowledge and experience within siloes. Yet a networked world means our problems are also inter-connected, and this calls for shared priorities and approaches enabled by a ‘new comfort zone’ of social knowledge and collaboration.

The experiment

At its most fundamental, GovCampus aims to address these problems and challenges through bridging diverse worlds:

  • The citadels of government and public-purpose programs with the energy and immediacy of the social or civic innovator
  • The halls of formal, structured learning with the relevance of the informal open collaborative ’social knowledge’
  • Acknowledged best practice with agile, emergent practice
GovCampus is an allied initiative with GovCamp Australia, and will be supported by a network of advisors and contributors, so why not find out more, or join with us.

Spotlight onCollaboration


Creating a Commons for Europe

Inspired by programs such as Code For America, the newly-formed Commons4Europe program is working with seven cities to bring together government administrations, digital innovators, volunteers and local businesses to develop and push a civic transformation program. Esteve Almirall and Carles Ferreiro from the Commons4EU consortium, based in Barcelona, Spain, explain the integrated approach they’re taking to innovation and development across a diverse range of civic cultures.

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The Power of Co – collaborative governance in a complex world

Most of the time, we talk about or experience collaboration in the context of a tangible project or an initiative, but how does it work when you are trying to progress an issue where there isn’t a known pathway? Max Hardy talks about the differences between consultation and collaboration, and how “inviting people into your dilemma” can lead to more enduring solutions, and how complexity theory can help shift your perspective.

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Spotlight onEngagement

AustraliaEngagementOpen GovProfile: Organizations

Open access, open licensing, open government

Open access to Government information is a key element of the open government discussion, both in policy and practice terms.

Baden Appleyard shares his experience in developing and applying the Australian Government’s Open Access and Licensing Framework, and highlights the opportunities and challenges faced in opening up information from Governments as well as public research bodies through licensing options such as Creative Commons.

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Spotlight onOpen data